Interactive Internet

A Symbiotic Existence

Today the first introduction – the initial impression of your organization is undoubtedly via the Internet; and there’s no question that through your website you’ll be compared to other like firms in your space right out of the gate. Putting your best face forward and perfecting your story (message) is absolutely paramount. Along with it a series of elements must come into play; and all have to be cohesive, work together, and consistently complement one another. An unwavering message always remains your first order of business to which everything you use to communicate will orbit. AXÉ will see to it.

Net: A cohesive message

Optimal Performance

Having thus far established your message right up front with the help of the AXÉ team – getting it done once, and getting it done right has already placed you in an advantageous position to influence your audiences. Yet there will be some adjustments to the wording – methodologies of message presentation that will steer audiences to your site first or position you up there with the other organizations vying for the same attention and notoriety. You know it as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and it’s critical. Therefore, aligning yourself with web professionals adept at SEO is the right way to go. Just as with all of the other steps inherent to the marketing mix, here, too, you’ll discover that AXÉ has the know-how to deliver.

Net: Think SEO.

A Good Story Lives Long

Not only must web written content be informative and accurate, it has to be written imaginatively and strategically in order to draw in and engage your audience. Projecting the essence of your company with the verve and tonality that is the fabric of your core message, slogan, and supporting tagline will establish and cement the interest of your audiences. Going the route of dry and uninspiring content will lose your audience in the blink of an eye. You wouldn’t enlist a doctor to fix your plumbing or a bricklaying artisan to design the next generation of fashion. The right move: engage a writer who specializes in communicating and the written word. AXÉ has stellar authorship at the ready.

Net: Inspirational written content.

Structural Integrity

The overall web strategy, web architecture – the veritable web blueprint ranks equally with the message you’ve worked so hard to develop. AXÉ has the team to scope out and implement a web map that will place you at the forefront.

Net: Lay the proper foundation.

The Package

Design follows the lead established by the message and the website blueprint. If the design is in sync graphically and helps the audience easily pinpoint informational segments that matter to them and enhances their experience through smart navigational principles, your website will deliver to objectives. Moreover, like every other mitigating element of your site, its graphic look must reflect the business you’re in as well as the expectations, aspirations, and visual “language” of your audiences. Design acumen is an AXÉ staple.

Net: Give it prime destination status.

Social Graces

Then there is the interactivity the nature of the web affords. From web video, Facebook, Twitter to whatever other permissive type of social marketing tools come to the fore, leveraging these methodologies can only enhance your ongoing and personal interaction with your customers. AXÉ will help you explore and understand the value of each of these intimate opportunities and how best to use them to move your business forward.

Net: Get up close and personal.