10 Signs Your Strategy Doesn’t Work

Written By: Andrew J. Birol Link: Birol Growth Consulting It is getting late; do you know where your company’s strategy is? In spite of all your meetings, strategic planning efforts and company groupthink, are you sure your company has a clear business strategy? If not, your company is squandering its resources on the wrong efforts and missing [...]

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Tips about promotional items

One thing about promotional items is, it is easy to miss the mark and fail to capture an audience. This often happens when a company focuses too much on price, they end up purchasing cheap items, ineffective items or irrelevant merchandise. Let’s face it, not many people want lanyards anymore, because one lanyard is plenty. [...]

Buyer Guide to Promotional Items

Promotional merchandise is the happy medium between useful a product and offline advertising. Data suggests, promotional merchandise may actually be the most effective advertising method for brand retention, “94 percent of people could successfully recall a promotional product they had received in the past two years,” according to a PPAI 2009 study. People love getting [...]